Exciting News: Official Confirmation of Yellowstone Season 6 Cast!

Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton on Yellowstone, is reportedly in a feud with show creator Taylor Sheridan over how to write out John Dutton in season 6. Costner wants more control over his character’s exit, while Sheridan likely has other plans. This behind-the-scenes drama has delayed production on the new season.

No New Episodes in Almost a Year

Despite having a massive and loyal fanbase, there have been no new episodes of Yellowstone since January 2022. However, repeats of the show continue to pull in big ratings, demonstrating the power of the Yellowstone fandom.

Reasons for the Long Hiatus

In addition to the Costner-Sheridan feud, other factors contributing to the nearly year-long break include industry strikes, Costner’s divorce settlement, his plans to work on his own western film, and Sheridan’s many other new shows in the works.

How Will Season 5’s Cliffhanger Play Out?

The season 5 finale ended on a major cliffhanger, teasing the potential end of the Dutton family’s reign. John Dutton is now governor, but what will happen after his term? And what is next for the Yellowstone ranch after John? Fans are eager to find out.

Potential for New Cast Members

With uncertainty around Costner’s role going forward, there is potential for new cast members to join the show in season 6. However, the Dutton family drama remains the heart of Yellowstone, so any new characters would likely be in a supporting role.

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