Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly, 46, Is Almost Unrecognizable In Unearthed Photos

Beth Dutton is best known for her bold blonde hair, so Kelly Reilly's natural shade comes as a shock…

Kelly Reilly keeps fans hooked on screen in Yellowstone, starring as the straight-talking Beth Dutton, but the 46-year-old actress tends to keep her off-screen life fairly private. There’s plenty that fans don’t know about the star – including where she’s originally from, or that she underwent a total appearance transformation.

The Yellowstone star has been appearing in films and on television since the late nineties, taking on the role of Beth Dutton 2018. Given that she’s been a star of the screen for over 20 years, it makes sense that there are a few throwback photos of the star floating around on the internet– and the actress looks almost unrecognizable in a snap taken in 1999.

On Yellowstone, Kelly is known for her blonde hair, but the photo from the nineties shows her with deep auburn hair, a color which she sported for a few years after the photo was taken.

Kelly was propelled into the limelight thanks to her role in cult French film L’Auberge Espagnole.

She played charming English student Wendy in the Cédric Klapisch movie and its two sequels, sporting a gamine crop and a fresh-faced look in the first film, with fans amazed at how much she changed as she grew up.

The actress celebrated the anniversary of the film in April of this year, posting a series of photos on Instagram, writing: “20 years ago I got to work on a film called L’auberge Espagnole

. 5 years later we all returned for Les Poupees Russes. 10 years ago for Casse tete Chinois.

“Last year we came back for Salad Grecque just out on Amazon Prime. How wonderful to work with you @cedklap over all these years. And to the actors I have been getting older with, what a total joy it’s been! @romainduris Cecile de France and @iamkevbish. Now we hand it over to the kids, they are luminous.”

Fans loved the look into Kelly’s life over the years, writing: “Love watching you in every role you play! You are timeless – and you do NOT age!! I bet you are so fun to be around,” and: “L’Auberge Espagnole was the first film I remember seeing you & @romainduris in when I was 19 & I’ve loved you both ever since.”

Despite that, her red hair came as a shock to people who only discovered Kelly upon her role in Yellowstone – and the same fans were likely surprised to find out the actress is English.

During a chat with her Yellowstone co-stars Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser, Kelly spoke in her British accent, causing fans to write on social media: “Beth is English?!”

Another fan said: “Mmm, excuse me, that’s not what Beth sounds like.”



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