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Current ‘Chicago P.D.’ Case Might Help Voight Become ‘Aware of His Own Psychology’

Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) might not have made the best decision when it comes to how he’s helping a victim on Chicago P.D. right now, but it sounds like it could end up being what he needs to take a major step forward.

The NBC drama, returning on March 20, is in the middle of a major investigation, and the officers have found a previously abducted teen who is traumatized as a result of what he’s been through. His family kicked him out because he’s gay, and at the end of the last episode, Voight had taken him in. But how much is that about what Noah has been through, and how much is it Voight still dealing with the loss of his son (Josh Segarra)?

“That’s up to the audience to decide. I have to answer questions like that from the viewpoint of Voight, and Voight is not aware of his own psychology, I think in many ways,” Beghe tells TV Insider. “He’s becoming aware more than ever, which is an interesting kind of exercise for me as an actor, something that I’ve been trying to do. He’s just doing what he thinks is right, and he hasn’t figured out or even stopped to think. He just thinks, ‘Hey, this poor kid needs help.’ He doesn’t understand the symbolism of it or the psychological significance.”

But they’ll both be helping each other while Noah’s with Voight. “That’s the irony—Voight and Noah don’t realize that Noah’s helping Voight,” explains Beghe. “And things aren’t what they seem to be. Yeah, that’s how it is. But yeah, he’s helping Voight, and Voight’s helping him to some degree, I think, trying to help him confront his demons.”

Now, in March 20’s “The Living and the Dead,” as this ongoing case hits close to home for Voight, Intelligence teams up with an SVU detective (Bojana Novakovic‘s Josephine Petrovic) to track down a prolific offender.

“Petrovic is extremely smart, but she has her own kind of secrets and demons that she’s dealing with,” Beghe previews. “And socially, she’s somewhere a little further along on the spectrum than most, but she has a strong sense of herself and she’s a very astute and useful a member of the team at this point to help us solve the problems, figuring out who this serial killer is. She’s a gifted profiler.”

Considering all the tragedy in Voight’s past, let’s just hope this case doesn’t end up the same way. But given the teases of his “old rage” coming back, well, we’re worried.

Chicago P.D., Wednesdays, 10/9c, NBC

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