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Kara Killmer Reveals Which Chicago Fire Co-Stars Were the Hardest to Say Goodbye To

Fire friends forever!

The Fire Trio is forever. After playing paramedic Sylvie Brett on 199 episodes of Chicago Fire (plus several episodes of Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med), Kara Killmer has forged deep bonds with her fellow cast members. But none are as close as the girl squad.

Kara Killmer will miss her fellow Chicago Fire ladies

In Season 12, Episode 6 (“A Port In The Storm”), Brett gets her happy ending, marrying Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and moving out of Chicago. And like her character, she will miss her co-workers. As for whom she’ll miss the most, Killmer told NBC Insider, “It’s a tie between Hanako [Greensmith] and Miranda [Rae Mayo],” who play paramedic Violet Mikami and Lieutenant Stella Kidd. “It’s an ensemble cast, and we’re all very close, but in a group full of mostly men, the ladies have got to stick together.”

“I can’t tell you how many times Miranda has just, like, come and sat on Hanako’s lap in the cab of the [ambulance] because we’re all just trying to soak up each other’s estrogen for a few minutes before we get back out there on set,” Killmer added.

Split image of Hanako Greensmith and Miranda Rae Mayo

Kara Killmer loved having Hanako Greensmith as a partner

Brett and Violet have made a great team driving the ambulance around Chicago, and behind the scenes, Killmer and Greensmith are just as close. “I’ve had seven partners on the ambulance, and I am so grateful that I’ve gotten to work with Hanako for these last four years,” Killmer reflected. “She’s so sharp, she’s such a hard worker, she has such a great attitude. She is funny. She is by far my funniest partner. I’ve never laughed so much as I have in these last four years.”

As Brett leaves, someone else will be replacing her on the paramedic squad, and Killmer is thrilled for the actor who gets to work with Greensmith. “Whoever gets to fill the position is going to have the best time working with her,” Killmer said. “She’s ready. She is definitely equipped to take on [Station] 51…I [couldn’t] be leaving [the ambulance] in better hands.”

Hanako Greensmith, Kara Killmer and Miranda Rae Mayo are great friends

Even when they’re not on set, these three have always been happy to hang out. Before Season 11 got underway, the ladies of Chicago Fire started exercising together in preparation for the shooting schedule. And check out Greensmith’s birthday tribute to Mayo. So sweet!

— Reporting by Jessica White

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