Rhona scared by Marlon’s explosive reaction as he launches pan of food in Emmerdale spoiler video

(Emmerdale: Angry Marlon launches pan of food leaving Rhona terrified)

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) are fighting once more in Emmerdale soon, and we’re struggling to see how things will ever be the same again for this couple.

Marlon and Rhona have been at loggerheads ever since Rhona changed her statement during court, a move that resulted in Gus Malcolms (Alan McKenna) going to prison.

While Marlon supported Rhona through most of this saga and even developed a huge bond of love with baby Ivy himself, there was a lot about Rhona’s behaviour that didn’t sit well with him, specifically the way she made huge decisions without talking them through with him first and without thinking how they would impact their children April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) and Leo (Harvey Rogerson).

The kidnapping of Ivy was obviously a huge one, but the final straw for Marlon was when she changed the impact statement in court. Marlon felt that was unnecessarily cruel, given that they’d already agreed with Gus that they would look after Ivy while he was in prison.

Marlon and Rhona row in the kitchen at the Woolpack

Marlon’s had enough (Picture: ITV)

Marlon and Rhona attend couples counselling in Emmerdale

Something needs to change between them, and fast (Picture: ITV)

Despite Marlon and Rhona attending couple’s counselling to try and move through their problems, this new video shows the moment history repeats itself as Rhona goes behind his back again.

In the pub kitchen, Rhona arrives to speak with Marlon.

Topic of conversation turns to Ivy’s upcoming christening. Rhona tells her husband that it was Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) who suggested it, not her.

A frustrated Marlon tells Rhona that she always tries to justify her actions to cover up the fact she’s once again done something without consulting him.

As they argue, Marlon tries to say that while he was in the shop, Rhona was busy organising Ivy’s christening – a classic example.

She counteracts his points, again putting the blame on Charles, but Marlon highlights that she didn’t need to say yes to the vicar, she could’ve said something along the lines of wanting to speak about it with her family first.

At this point, Marlon is a very angry man indeed.

His emotions bubbling over, Marlon grabs a bowl and throws it across the kitchen, an action powerful enough for both him and Rhona to realise something needs to change between them very soon.

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