Emmerdale spoilers: Vengeful Rose plays with fire as dangerous Kim confronts ‘pathetic’ behaviour

Kim confronts Rose in Home Farm in Emmerdale

She’s got some nerve! (Picture: ITV)

Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco) continued her plan to destroy Kim Tate (Claire King) in Wednesday’s (June 5) episode of Emmerdale by turning her attention to ex Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

A few days ago, it was revealed Rose is working with Ruby (Beth Cordingly) to bring down Kim Tate. Because Ruby previously helped Rose with the debt she was in, she’s now playing a huge role in this plot to pay her friend back.

The idea is to break Kim and Will up, allow Rose to support Dawn (Olivia Bromley) in the aftermath, and leave Ruby, Caleb (William Ash) and Nicky (Lewis Cope) to take over Home Farm.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, Rose spent the afternoon with Will.

She cracked open Kim’s posh alcohol and decided talking about their past would be a good way of getting under Will’s skin.

When we first met Rose, we learnt she left Will when Dawn was just 5 years old. Dawn’s upbringing was difficult and involved her being in care because Will ended up in prison after a dodgy job.

When she got older, Dawn also developed an addiction to drugs.

Rose and Ruby talk in the graveyard in Emmerdale

Rose and Ruby hope to split Will and Kim up (Picture: ITV)

During Rose and Will’s chat, she felt terrible about nearly giving Dawn some sleeping pills yesterday and admitted she had no idea about her past. She also opened up about her relationship with Will and as she became more honest, it was clear the ice between the former couple was starting to thaw.

The conversation came to a close due to the arrival of Kim. She didn’t exactly hear what Will and Rose were talking about, but seeing them on the sofa together was enough to wind her up.

In the kitchen, Kim confronted Will about his afternoon. She said that to do a complete ‘180’ and warm to Rose after a few drinks would be pretty ‘pathetic’, and a guilty Will said that definitely wasn’t the case.


It was obvious things had started to change between Rose and Will during their trip down memory lane – does that mean her plan is working?

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