Emmerdale favourite told he’s going to be killed in showdown

Matty confronted by Les in Emmerdale

Les attacked Matty over his missing tobacco (Picture: ITV)

Matty Barton’s (Ash Palmisciano) worst fears have been realised in Emmerdale after coming head to head with his new cellmate.

Even step-dad Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) advice couldn’t help.

Cain and wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) have been tirelessly working to secure Matty’s release in recent weeks, even potentially jeopardising their own marriage.

As viewers of the ITV soap know, odds are stacked against Matty, with Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) adamantly maintaining that he intentionally stabbed him, though in reality, his transphobic friend Josh had pushed him onto the knife.

Before being wrongly imprisoned, Matty made a desperate and misguided attempt to convince Samson to tell the truth, but this only led to his arrest for violating bail conditions.

Matty speaks to Cain in the prison visiting room in Emmerdale

Cain had some advice (Picture: ITV)

We’ve also seen him attempt to hide his transgender identity, avoiding showering alongside fellow inmates and refusing his hormone medication. His situation is dire, and unfortunately, will continue to worsen.

Earlier this week, we saw Matty confronted by his new cellmate, Les, who quickly established himself as top-dog with intimidating remarks, leaving him fearful for his safety.

In last night’s (28th June) episode, Cain visited him in prison and noticed his distress around Les.

Cain gave him some true Dingle advice – whether or not he should follow it is another matter – toughen up and fight back, and hurt those who hurt him.

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