Tom hatches another sinister plan to make Belle suffer in Emmerdale

Tom King speaks to Belle Dingle, who is holding Piper the dog in Emmerdale

It’s not over yet (Picture: ITV)

With Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) on a mission to free Belle (Eden Taylor Draper) from Tom King’s (James Chase) abusive clutches, Tom ups his plans to remove Belle from her family and keep her all to himself in Emmerdale.

Charity’s own history of abuse led her to grow suspicious of Tom’s hold over Belle, especially as Belle’s recent behaviour had changed so dramatically. Charity knows the signs and she is determined to get Belle to safety.

But her staging an intervention only helped to push up Tom’s plans of total isolation.

Though Belle had been moments away from confiding in Charity, Tom managed to stop her in time and is now using psychologically abusive techniques to ensure Belle stays away from Charity for good.

Charity Dingle speaks to a worried Belle in Emmerdale

Charity knows there’s something going on with Belle and Tom (Picture: ITV)

At the end of the day that is the top priority – maintaining his death-like grip on Belle’s sanity and freedom.

Now all he must do is fully isolate her from her loved ones. Having already laid the groundwork by taking a job interview for a position in insanely rural Wales, Tom is ready for the next step.

He turns up the psychological abuse by going in on Belle about her termination, using guilt to draw her closer to him as wallows in her shame and tries to make things right.

Tom’s got her in a place where she’d do anything to make him happy, so he begins secretly making the plans to get her out of the village so that once everything is in place, she won’t say no for fear of upsetting him.

Belle is in the most dangerous situation she’s ever been in and has no idea about it.

Will Tom succeed in his plan or will Charity be able to bring him down in time?

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