Emmerdale star reveals major thing that must happen for Lydia Dingle to forgive Samson

Lydia with a broom and Samson on the phone looking worried in Emmerdale

Lydia will only forgive Samson on one condition (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale star Karen Blick has revealed that there is one major thing Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) must do in order for Lydia Dingle to forgive him.

Samson is currently caught up in some serious trouble, after allowing police to think that Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) had deliberately stabbed him.

In reality, Samson’s friend Josh (Osian Morgan) pushed him into Matty, knowing he was carrying a knife. Since then, the pair have been lying about what really happened, and Matty has been left struggling in prison.

In upcoming scenes, Lydia is set to grow suspicious that perhaps Samson isn’t telling the truth, despite having originally been totally convinced by his lies. When she finally finds out the truth, actress Karen admits that Lydia is ‘hugely disappointed’.

‘There’s a scene where Samson’s released from the police station and she starts to have these niggles, these concerns and she has a conversation with Moira in the village outside and Moira is basically pleading with her: “You know the truth. You need to get Samson to admit it.”

‘And that’s when she questions it and says, “Is what Matty says the truth?” She lays it out on the table. She says, “I love you, I believed you, I fought your corner every step of the way, but this is serious.”

‘She’s aware that Matty’s been beaten up in prison. Or she’s aware that he constructed that himself in order to get out of the situation he was in and when he goes back to prison he will be attacked.

Lydia sees Samson and Josh talking on Main Street in Emmerdale

Lydia is set to grow suspicious (Picture: ITV)

‘She’s worried, really. It’s that wanting to protect, care for, do the right thing. In the same way as Sam does – they just go about it in very different ways.’

While Lydia wants Samson to tell the truth, Sam Dingle (James Hooton) is hoping he will be able to escape justice.

‘They have these waves where they’re in opposition to each other, Sam and Lydia, occasionally but they always come back together,’ actor James Hooton said.

‘Essentially Lydia is the moral compass of the Dingles. The Dingles have the Dingle code but Lydia has the correct way to go about things.

‘Of course Sam is completely behind his son initially until we find out the information that he has lied to us about the incident. He just sees one road out for Samson then. Sam is then on the, “Right, I’ll help you get out of here.” He puts his family first and the morals come later is essentially how Sam approaches the situation.’

Despite Lydia’s disappointment in Samson, it seems as though she may be able to forgive him, as long as he does one thing.

‘I think she can forgive him. She is very much unconditional. For Lydia as a parent there is unconditional love there because she grew up not having that. She is aware that Samson’s human, we all make mistakes, we’re all flawed. As long as he’s paid the price for his actions she’ll be up for forgiving him. Certainly if he can demonstrate with his behaviour going forward.’

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