Yellowstone’ Star Asks for ‘Good Thoughts’ for Ailing Co-Star

Yellowstone’s Tate Dutton Asks Fans To Keep His Horse “Lucky” In Their Thoughts After A Life-Threatening Bout Of Colic

Yellowstone‘s prized buckskin horse had a scary weekend.

While the actors are a big part of the show, one might argue that the four-legged friends we see on the screen play an equally important role. One of the main supporting horses had a scary weekend, however.

Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton, revealed that his equine partner, Storm, but whose name is Lucky on the show, almost crossed the rainbow bridge. After suffering from colic (non-horse people, I’ll explain here in a minute), he asks fans to keep Lucky in his thoughts during his recovery.

“Storm (Tate’s horse Lucky on Yellowstone) had a rough weekend. He suffered a bout of colic and almost crossed the rainbow bridge.

He’s doing much better today, but if you could spare a kind thought for him, I know he’ll feel the love.”


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Equine colic is a terrifying condition for horse owners. As horses can not throw up, colic is when there is a blockage of food stuck somewhere in the horse’s digestive tract (often the small or large intestine). Because their digestive system is a one-way street, the blockage, if it is unable to pass, can cause extreme pain and the intestines to twist on themselves. Colic is a condition that is a quick killer of horses, and often, when surgery is needed to remove the blockage, the recovery is a very long road ahead.

Needless to say, what Storm experienced is a horse owner’s worst nightmare. The video shared on Brecken’s Instagram shows the horse lying down and munching grass, indicating that the horse feels much better if he wants to eat.

Storm, AKA Lucky, plays a significant role in Tate’s character development as the two grow up together throughout the show.


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John Dutton buys the horse for Tate and teaches him to care for the horse, and the horse and Tate grow a bond throughout the seasons that warms the heart. We hope that Tate’s partner and crime fully recovers for the return of season 5.

Take a look back, skipping to minute seven to when Tate first meets Lucky on screen.



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