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Chicago Fire’s Alberto Rosende Shares Message After Quitting As Blake Gallo

Former “Shadowhunters” star Alberto Rosende debuted as Blake Gallo on “Chicago Fire” in October 2019. Since then he’s appeared in more than 75 episodes of the firefighting drama. However, ahead of the Season 12 premiere, a report by Deadline revealed that its first episode will mark the end of his “Chicago Fire” run.

After the news of his exit went public, Rosende shared a statement about his decision to leave “Chicago Fire” to his Instagram Story on December 2. “When I decided to end my time with Chicago, it wasn’t easy. The people I’ve met were truly special, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime, and the story I got to tell was one that made me proud,” he wrote, adding to a screenshot of Deadline’s piece. “Can’t wait to see what else is in store and I wish everyone the best in shooting the rest of the season!”

Like many recent programs, “Chicago Fire” Season 12 was delayed in response to the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. After both writers and actors were authorized to return to work, NBC announced that Season 12, Episode 1 — featuring Rosende’s last appearance as Gallo — will air on Wednesday, January 17.

Some fans fear the worst for Blake Gallo

Blake Gallo in protective gear

Beyond his Instagram Story characterizing his departure as his own decision and the fact that it will take place in Season 12, Episode 1, the nature of Alberto Rosende’s “Chicago Fire” exit implies something ominous to come.

Online, fans have naturally begun speculating about the manner in which Gallo will leave Firehouse 51. Based on a lack of obligations that might pull him away from Chicago ahead of the Season 12 premiere, and the abrupt nature of Rosende’s exit, plenty of fans think that Gallo will die in Rosende’s last episode. “Why do I feel Gallo is gonna die. I can’t see how they can write him out happily in just one episode,” wrote u/-AlexTheGreat in a Reddit thread about the subject. Another fan wrote, “If he dies, Violet is gonna be SO broken and I can’t take it.”

Meanwhile, u/moonismyonlyfriend wrote, “The fact that he’s leaving so sudden and quickly within the first episode makes me think that they’re going to kill him,” in the top comment of a similar thread. Judging from the fan comments, when “Chicago Fire” returns on January 17, all eyes are definitely going to be on Gallo.


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