NEW UPDATE: 1883’s Isabel May Says Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Were Like Her Parents On Set (Exclusive)

1883's Isabel May Opens Up: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, the On-Set 'Parents' Who Transcend the Screen

In a candid and exclusive interview, Isabel May, who brings the character of Elsa Dutton to life in the hit series “1883,” shared insights into her experience on set, highlighting the profound impact of co-stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, who play Margaret and James Dutton, as more than just colleagues—they became her on-set ‘parents.’

Creating a Family Bond:

For Isabel, stepping into the shoes of Elsa Dutton meant not only immersing herself in the character’s journey but also forming deep connections with the talented cast, including country music power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The on-screen family dynamic translated seamlessly into off-screen relationships, creating a familial bond that went beyond the confines of the script.

Mentorship and Support:

In the interview, Isabel spoke warmly about the guidance and support she received from Faith and Tim, describing them as mentors who provided invaluable insights into the industry. Their wealth of experience, not just in acting but also in the music industry, enriched Isabel’s journey as a young actress navigating the challenges of portraying a character in the rugged landscapes of the Old West.

The ‘Parental’ Connection:

Isabel affectionately referred to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as her on-set ‘parents,’ emphasizing the nurturing environment they created. Their presence, both as seasoned professionals and as caring individuals, contributed to the camaraderie on set, fostering an atmosphere where creativity thrived.

A Creative Sanctuary:

The “1883” set became a creative sanctuary where Isabel felt not only supported in her artistic endeavors but also embraced as part of a larger family unit. The guidance from Faith and Tim, who brought their own authenticity to the project, elevated the overall experience for Isabel and the entire cast.

As “1883” continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide, Isabel May’s reflections on the profound impact of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw underscore the collaborative spirit that defines the Yellowstone universe. Beyond the gripping narrative and captivating characters, it’s the genuine connections and mentorship that make the Yellowstone family a force to be reckoned with in the world of television drama.

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