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One Chicago 2024 Trailer Reunites Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney & Miranda Rae Mayo

It’s been a solid chunk of time since they’ve been onscreen together. However, it looks like Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are finally going to get to share scenes together during the upcoming, if abbreviated, 12th Season of “Chicago Fire.” As recent on-set photos of Kinney as Severide confirmed, during a trailer released by NBC on December 8 promoting the upcoming return of the One Chicago universe Kidd and Kelly can be seen standing in a room at the station. The two appear to be having a gentle conversation. “I’m here. We’re in this together,” Severide says before leaning forward and kissing Stella.

That’s a major relief for fans who have been left dangling since the May 24 ending of Season 11, during which Kinney was largely absent due to his taking personal time off from the show in January 2023. “Red Waterfall” ends with Stella vowing to go track down Kelly after learning that he’s wrapped the special fire investigation training he’s taken on with the ATF down in Alabama but has decided to take part in a special case that requires his help instead of returning to Chicago.

Stella is frustrated by this, and for a good reason, as it’s been months since she’s seen her husband. But it looks like their physical estrangement is officially over, though there’s no word yet as to how heavy the emotional toll on the Stellaride marriage may be at press time. In any event, it’s been a long season for Stella, who’s had to tread a bit of water waiting for Kelly to return.

Severide and Kidd didn’t spend much time together during Season 11

Kelly looks in on Stella

Stella Kidd spends much of Season 11 being a lonely newlywed. Her marriage to Kelly definitely starts off with a bang; their honeymoon ends with the two of them trying to beat back some old enemies who’ve broken into and are trying to rob their cabin. They also have time to investigate a theft at a burned-out jewelry store before Kelly leaves for Alabama.

In his absence, Stella becomes involved in Sam Carver’s (Jake Lockett) personal life when they work a case that leaves them with their careers and bodies on the line. Once that’s cleared up, she makes friends with a homeless person during a call and hangs out with her friends on the force. But it’s quite clear she misses her husband, and for good reason, as Kelly is just as bad as Stella is at communicating while one of them is out of town.

Separation issues notwithstanding, it looks like the band is going to be officially back together for Season 12. But audiences will have to wait until January 17 to find out how Severide reacclimates to being back with his Firehouse 51 colleagues.


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