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Sylvie Brett’s Most Heartbreaking Moment On Chicago Fire

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) may be taking some time off “Chicago Fire” at press time to visit her long-distance lover Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), but she remains a fan favorite among those who love the NBC action/drama staple.

Sylvie’s been through a lot of tough things over her eight seasons on the show. She lost in love multiple times before landing her close friend Matt as a boyfriend, including a broken engagement to chaplain-in-chief Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears) that ended when she realized she was unable to adjust to suburban life. She’s had to deal with her feelings about being an adopted daughter. And she’s formed attachments to children such as the baby she delivered in Season 2, only to lose touch with these foundling children. That’s a lot of tough times and tears shed for one character. But what’s the saddest Sylvie moment ever to air on “Chicago Fire”?

Sylvie meets her birth mother Julie, only for her to pass away

Sylvie cradling Amelia crying

While the plotline has drawn some mixed reviews from fans of the show, it’s hard to deny the fact that Sylvie’s tragic relationship with her birth mother also moved a segment of the audience.

Julie (Kelly Deadmon) gave Sylvie up when she was a teenager, so Sylvie is understandably hesitant to make contact with her. To her surprise, she is warmly welcomed into Julie’s life, and the two of them began to build a relationship. But all of that warmth comes to a sad end when Julie goes into premature labor. Casey meets Sylvie at the hospital after she rushes Julie there, and he’s with her when she learns that her mother has died of blood loss. But the baby’s survived, and Sylvie heads in to meet her. The sight of Sylvie holding her half-sister, sobbing with tears running down her face, definitely tugs at the heartstrings no matter how one feels about how quickly the storyline passes by.

Fans at the “Chicago Fire” subreddit admitted they were moved by the tale, as did multiple Twitter users.  “Sylvie just got to be with her and then she died!” wrote u/Doolfan. “This is so not fair!!” commented @LaurenAsh2007, attaching a GIF of Sylvie crying to the tweet. “Seeing sylvie with her sister is emotional,” said @Sportsnthings1. “Sylvie already loving her sister so much and i’m gonna cry,” remarked @devittogehlfuss, attaching a gif of Powerpuff Girl Bubbles to their post.


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