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Jon Seda teases shocking Chicago PD return: ‘Antonio is still alive’

Antonio Dawson used to be a Chicago PD mainstay. He was one of the two or three most important characters on the show, and he was even selected to be the lead of the short-lived spin-off Chicago Justice.

Dawson hasn’t been part of Chicago PD for several years, but the actor who plays him, Jon Seda, recently discussed the possibility of coming back to the show for a cameo. He talked to Us Weekly about his current show, La Brea, but the conversation circled back to PD in an unexpected way.

Antonio Dawson left Chicago PD in season 8

Chicago P.D. - Season 5

Seda praised the One Chicago franchise for being able to incorporate so many different stories under one banner, and said that his time on PD ranks among the most memorable of his career:

“”It’s always with me. It was a great time working on Chicago shows. That whole universe is incredible. It was so unique. But it was so unique and to be a part of it from the beginning was really something special.””

The real bombshell, however, came when Seda talked about the possibility of returning to PD as Dawson. Generally speaking, actors who have left the franchise shut down the rumors of a return by saying that there have been “no talks” with producers, but Seda didn’t do that.

Jon Seda assured fans that Dawson is alive and well

Chicago P.D. - Season 5

Instead, he noted the fact that it was very possible that Dawson could make his way back to the Windy City after spending time in Puerto Rico:

“”Antonio didn’t die. He’s still alive.””

The odds of Dawson returning to PD season 11 are slim, given that there are a limited number of episodes, and Seda is wrapping up his time on La Brea, but the fact that the actor is so open to the idea of reviving his character sparks hope that we will get to see him down the line.

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