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Chicago Fire Season 12 Premiere: First Plot Details Emerge

“Chicago Fire” Season 12 is coming in 2024, and fans already know that big things are happening in Firehouse 51. After all, Sylvie Brett’s actor Kara Killmer is exiting after the season, marking another long-running “One Chicago” character’s departure from the franchise.

That being said, the actual plot details of the upcoming season are still a mystery … or rather, were. According to TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich, “Chicago Fire” Season 12 will tackle the Season 11 finale’s cliffhanger headfirst. Mitovich was replying to some “Chicago Fire” fan questions, and when one viewer asked whether the big Season 11 endgame moment where Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) proposes to Sylvie will be addressed on screen, he had this to say: “I delivered your Q to ‘Chicago Fire’ showrunner Andrea Newman, and she shared that ‘Brett’s answer to Casey’s proposal is a mystery that’s revealed in the premiere [airing Wednesday, Jan. 17], during an incident at 51 where Violet has to get creative to save the day.'”

It’s also been known for a while that while Sylvie is on her way out, Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide is returning for Season 12. Mitovich also ran the prospect of the character appearing in the season’s first episode by Newman, this time receiving a more enigmatic reply. “Viewers will have to tune in to see if Severide returns in the premiere,” Newman answered. “But I’ll say this — Stella Kidd is holding all the cards.”

A season of changes is coming for Firehouse 51

Severide sitting worried

Apart from Sylvie Brett’s well-publicized departure and potential marriage to Matt Casey, Kelly Severide’s return is sure to shake Firehouse 51. Andrea Newman’s revelation that the Severide storyline will be heavily influenced by the character’s long-standing love interest Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) should make things all the more interesting for the fans. Severide and Kidd have provided plenty of tension in the show, and there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be the case going forward, as well … especially since the showrunner herself seems to be hinting as such.

Combine the no doubt entertaining return of the Stellaride drama with the will-they-won’t-they antics the Season 11 ending sets up for Sylvie and Matt and the possibility of the pair eschewing their long-distance relationship in favor of a new life away from Chicago, and it certainly seems that “Chicago Fire” Season 12 might be one for the ages. After all, if the season premiere intends to reveal Sylvie’s answer to the proposal right away, there’s no telling what other things the show may have in store for her and Severide alike.


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